I did not shoot this video - but I have to post it - my son on TV in Shenzhen.

The people producing the show did not send the full video of the show, the sent participants cuts with primarily them speaking and the rest mostly edited out. So though you do not get the full flavour of the show - I hope you enjoy. For those who do no speak Mandarin - and in case you are wondering - he is talking about craft beer.

the school run

Taking the grandchildren to school.

crossing the road in ho chi minh

Foreigners (that would be me and the friends I met up with in HCM), trying to cross the road. I can only think how the locals thought our not knowing how to get to the other side was funny, or maybe annoying. Anyway enjoy!

hoi an nights

Visiting Hoi an, Vietnam, with some friends.

tokyo nights

As seen in Tokyo.

someone like you

As seen and heard in Hong Kong.